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Here are what people are saying about it;

"I'm very impressed, it must have been good as I cracked it in 2 days and normally a book will take me a month or two or three or it never get finished" - Joyce, Leeds

"No mamby pamby descriptions, told it just how it is, like it a lot. Most of the travel books I've read are so over descriptive it gets so boring and the near death experiences or little offs are so hyped up you know they are full of shit." - John, Alice Springs

"A real page turner" - Lynn, Lincolnshire

"I could really feel the tension when you were stuck at that border, great read" - Barbara, Weymouth

"Couldn't put it down, loved it" - Pat, London

"Can't review it as my 'non-reading' husband has hijacked it!" - Vickie, Dubai

"Makes we want to ride off around the world right now" - Ben, Sydney

"I really enjoyed the book. A great balance between the technicality of the bikes and paper trail vs. the feel of the journey itself.  Thank you, especially for the bit where you lost your rag at the border." - Paul, London

"I've read loads of books of motorcycle adventures and this one is right up there with the best.  I'd go so far to say it's the best book I've read all year" - Cris, Slough

"We read your book and it was very good, very honest and funny and quite terrifying at times. Congratulations" - Ed & Cartia, Newcastle

"Just finished your book.  We both loved it. Great inspiration and well written also the tips section at the end of the book is great". - Nick & Leeana, Sydney


Check out this glowing review by Mr Motorcycle Adventure Writer himself - Sam Manicom

"No bull is required, and this book doesn't give you any; just a sensible amount of prep, very positive attitudes and a thirst for the road. 

Combine those with Will and Kate's respect for people and their countries, awareness of climate and terrain, and the ability to change to take advantage of whatever opportunities and challenges the road puts in front of them and the result?  A tale that anyone enticed by the thought of travel will enjoy.

Will shares their sometimes dramatic stories  in a warm, very honest and wonderfully down to earth way. He weaves humour, compassion and a sense of the ridiculous into the tale with a flowing and completely unpretentious style which has you wanting to turn the pages ever faster. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this journey across Asia. And I very much like and agree with the help section at the back of the book. Excellent advice."